IMKKA and Active Citizenship Network Forge Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that the Institute of Research for Innovation and Development (IMKKA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Active Citizenship Network (ACN), the international branch of Cittadinanzattiva APS. This partnership represents a significant milestone in our shared mission to promote civic activism and protect patient rights across Europe.

About Active Citizenship Network (ACN)

Active Citizenship Network (ACN) is the international arm of Cittadinanzattiva APS, a renowned Italian civic organization. Established in 2001, ACN has been at the forefront of promoting active citizenship and protecting citizens’ rights within the European Union. With a presence in 32 countries and collaboration with over 200 associations, ACN is a pivotal force in involving citizens in the European decision-making process and fostering an active European citizenship.

Key Objectives of the Partnership

  1. The partnership aims to support initiatives that encourage civic participation.
  2. A major focus will be on advocating for patient rights as outlined in the European Charter of Patients’ Rights. This includes efforts to reduce health inequalities and promote public health as a common good, ensuring that all patients receive fair and equitable care.
  3. Together, we will work to raise awareness about patient care needs and empower patients to participate actively in public policy activities.
  4. We will join forces with national and European institutions, as well as other stakeholders, to build a more resilient healthcare system.
  5. The MoU includes IMKKA’s official endorsement of significant European initiatives, such as the MEPs Interest Group “European Patients’ Rights and Cross-border Healthcare” and the annual European Patients’ Rights Day, celebrated on April 18th.

Collaborative Efforts

This partnership will see both IMKKA and ACN working closely to:

  • Support each other’s projects and initiatives.
  • Participate in and promote each other’s events.
  • Share updates and news through their respective communication channels.
  • Hold annual meetings to plan and evaluate joint activities.

We believe this collaboration will significantly enhance our efforts to promote civic engagement and protect patient rights across Europe. Working together, we can create a stronger, more inclusive society where every citizen’s voice matters.

Stay tuned for more updates on our joint initiatives and how you can get involved!

ACN Contact Information:

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