Promoting access to skills and employment in agribusiness for Serbian youth

Donor: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

IMKKA is contributing to two key areas of this project: content development and implementation support, as well as communication and visibility.

1. Content Development and Implementation Support
IMKKA is involved in the creation and deployment of training materials and courses for the MK Academy, designed to enhance digital skills in the agribusiness sector. Our contributions include:

    • Assisting in the design of training resources tailored to agribusiness.
    • Supporting the training of trainers to ensure the quality of knowledge and skills transfer.
    • Participating in the pilot implementation of these courses to help ensure effective integration and participant satisfaction.

2. Communication and Visibility

IMKKA is assisting with marketing strategies and media campaigns to promote the project, with an emphasis on encouraging female participation in the internship program. Our responsibilities include:

  • Helping to develop communication materials that highlight the initiative’s goals, progress, and achievements.
  • Contributing to raising awareness and garnering support from various stakeholders.
  • Assisting in communicating the project’s impact on digital skills development and its contribution to Serbia’s digital transformation in agribusiness.

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